Skipping Workshops - 9th Jan 2017

On Monday 9th January Reception to Year 6 took part in some Skipping workshops run by Lizzie. She had us working hard from the minute our workshops started, and we were all exhausted by the end! We learnt a variety of different skills and techniques to help improve our skipping and we even learnt some tricks too! We learnt how to speed skip as well as skip forwards and backwards. Some of us had a go at some tricks including cross-overs, arm wraps and the pretzel! The older children had a go at partner skipping as well as some Double Dutch. At the end of the day the whole school watched a performance where Lizzie and some of the pupils showed us what they had learnt.
We had a fantastic time at our workshops and the show, thank you very much to Lizzie for coming in and working with us!