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Mr James, Music Teacher

What opportunities are there for music making at West Lodge?

Music is at the heart of a West Lodge education and every child is involved in music making.

There are a number of major whole school performances throughout the year including at Christmas and in the summer, plus a number of school productions that have recently included 'Wind in the Willows' and 'Joseph'.

Each class assembly has a musical element and a soloist performs in assembly every week.

Our choir sings at external events that have recently included singing in local care homes and in the local area.

Many of our of students have individual instrumental lessons within school, and we offer violin cello, piano, guitar, singing and flute lessons in school.

What has been your favourite moment at West Lodge so far?

Year 3 and 4 doing the first edition of the musical 'Joseph', which was entirely sung. I'm really proud of them as they really rose to the challenge showing such stamina, the audience were captivated by their performance.

What do you think makes West Lodge special?

I think it's the family feel and its a very supportive environment. I like the fact that every week we make music as a whole school.