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At West Lodge, we take our creative subjects seriously.

Our children enjoy weekly lessons in Art, in our recently refurbished Art Room, where they are taught using a range of media and given many opportunities to explore their own creativity.

We encourage our children to take part in competitions and they have enjoyed many successes.

Every year, the whole school studies an artist and produces a collaborative piece as well as individual ones. Throughout their time at West Lodge, the children will have been able to learn about many famous artists from the past and more contemporary ones too.

Explore our gallery to see some recent pieces:


In Art we get to do drawing, paint, pastels and watercolours and we hosted an art completion with a Mexican theme.

Year 6 pupil

I really like Art, I’m really passionate about it and it’s fun. I enjoy sketching best because you can get the best variation.

Year 6 pupil.

Art is my favourite subject because I love making things.

Year 2 pupil

Art is my favourite subject because it’s fun and creative.

Year 6 pupil  


Clarice Cliff (Whole School Artist 23-24)

Each year we have a whole school art project, and this year pupils across the school are enjoying exploring the vibrant art of Clarice Cliff.