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Nursery / Pre-School Class

A head start to your child's education 

Our school-based Nursery Class for pupils aged 3 and above, provides your child with the best possible start. 

“The progress and attainment of children in the EYFS are excellent, with above national percentages of children attaining and exceeding a good level of development in the same years”.

2022 ISI Inspection Report

Our priority is to ensure that learning is fun and exciting whilst at the same time supporting the children to develop early reading, writing and numeracy skills.  

Specialist Teaching

The class is led by a fully qualified teacher, who is an Early Years specialist with a clear understanding of child development in the formative years. The teacher is ably supported by two well qualified assistants with many years of Early Years experience. This provision enables us to highly effectively support the children in their academic and personal development.

Pupils ICT skills are supported by specialist teaching that they receive from Nursery onwards.

2022 ISI Inspection Report 

The children's progress is comprehensively tracked so that a personalised approach to learning, ensuring appropriate challenge, is provided. All of this assessment data is shared with parents during consultation evenings meaning you are fully aware of how your son or daughter is developing, along with their future targets.

Learning through play is an integral part of the Early Years education, but as a school we also introduce the children to reading and emergent writing. Each week the class focuses upon a particular sound and this helps to develop letter recognition and phonological awareness, meaning the children often enter Reception as beginning readers. 

Daily literacy and numeracy lessons are at the core, with additional child centric topics and discrete subjects that encompass Science, Humanities, Art and Design and Sport.  As is the case throughout a West Lodge education, the children are supported by specialist teaching in a wide variety of subjects from Nursery onwards.

Well Resourced

Our superb new and well resourced outdoor learning area supports learning as does the opportunity to use all the facilities that the school has to offer.

Wraparound Care

Our Nursery children can access our our Breakfast and After-School club provision which starts at 7.30am and finishes at 6.00pm.  Many of the after school clubs are specifically tailored to the interests of our EYFS children. Read more here.

Pupils' communication 
skills are excellent.  For instance, children in the Nursery were able to name the person who writes a book as an 'author' and explain what the 'blurb' tells the reader.  

2022 ISI Inspection Report


Children in the Nursery are able to use go-stop cards and set directions on bebots and probots.

2022 ISI Inspection Report

(Left: Nursery learning about electronic control using Spheros in their Computing lesson).

Pupils display confident and competent study skills.  For example, children in the Nursery were able to articulate very intelligent predications of what might happen next in a story that they listened to. 

2022 ISI Inspection Report