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West Lodge Parents' Association

Welcome to the heart of West Lodge School's vibrant community - the West Lodge Parents' Association (WLPA).  Comprising of dedicated parents and carers, we are passionate about enhancing the educational journey and wellbeing of our pupils, their families and the local community.

Our mission is twofold: to raise funds in support of West Lodge School and to strengthen the ties between home, school and the local community.

We extend a warm invitation to all parents and carers to actively participate in our initiatives.  Attend our engaging meetings, lend a hand at events and become an integral part of the WLPA family.  Your involvement not only benefits the school but also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow parents, fostering meaningful friendships.

Aims of the WLPA:

  • Elevate education and wellbeing: we strive to enhance the learning environment and wellbeing of West Lodge School pupils by actively providing and supporting facilities and resources through our fundraising initiatives.
  • Foster stronger community bonds: through meticulously plannned events and activities, we aim to create meaningful connections between pupils, teachers and their families.  Our goal is to nurture a closely-knit and supportive school community.

West Lodge School Parents’ Association Committee Officers

Parents can offer themselves to stand as Committee Officers and are voted in by their peers for a period of 3 years. After this time, they can stand down or offer themselves for re-election.

The roles of Committee Officers are detailed in the West Lodge School Parents’ Association Terms of Reference document.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the following officers have been appointed:               

Co-Chair/s:          Mrs T Duncan-Williams-Brown

Vice-Chair:           Mrs Rachel Levy

Treasurer:             Mrs Charlotte Valinotti

Secretary:             [vacant role]

Contact us at to get involved.

The WLPA also run pre-loved uniform sales periodically during the year. For enquires about pre-loved uniform stock or to make a donation, please email: