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Year 4 set sail on a learning adventure to the National Maritime Museum

As part of their current Humanities topic, 'Anglo-Saxons and Vikings', Year 4 pupils spent a fascinating day at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to enrich their learning. 

Their day incorporated a wide range of interesting, challenging and thought-provoking activities, including:  

  • Becoming traders and bartering for precious spices, silk and silver with items they had brought with them from Scandinavia. 

  • Visiting an interactive ship, onboard which they learnt how ships were loaded with cargo and where phrases such as ‘batten down the hatches’ originated from. 

  • Using their archaeology skills to explain what artefacts could tell them about the Vikings they had once belonged to. 

  • Answering Geography questions based on the museum’s giant world map. 

  • Creating their own ship badges that demonstrate what West Lodge means to the children.

Click on the images to enlarge: 

I really liked the workshop and looking at all the artefacts.

The world map was really big and interesting.

Best place ever!

I really enjoyed the 'All Hands' area and shooting the canon.

I really liked shooting the canon and moving the cargo in the 'All Hands' area.

I really enjoyed looking at all of the boats.

The 'All Hands' area was great as you were allowed to play with the food.

I loved every single moment of it.