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Year 6 visit Houses of Parliament

Year 6 enjoyed an informative visit to the Houses of Parliament. They had the opportunity to view the House of Lords and House of Commons and learn about democracy, the UK government and how laws are made. 

Their day ended with a debate on the motion "we should introduce a three-day weekend".  The motion was passed although persuasive counter arguments detailed how it is better for our education to have a two-day weekend.

They visited key monuments en route to Westminster, broadening their understanding of key individuals in History.

I learnt that there are over 1000 rooms in the Houses of Parliament! 

Pupils commented: 

I now understand the difference between the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

I learnt about the different political parties such as the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

I now understand how, when I have the vote, it will count and make a difference.