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Alumni Story 3

How did you feel before you started your new school?

I felt very nervous about making new friends, but also excited about the new opportunities I was about to experience.

How did you feel after your first day at your new school?

I felt calm and happy as I had already made friends during summer school. As it was our first few weeks the teachers weren’t as strict as I expected them to be. The year 8s were really nice and sociable and we were made to feel welcome.

Are you used to your new routine and uniform?

I have definitely got used to my new routine and my uniform, I make sure I pack my bag the night before so I don’t forget any books. I have to remember what clubs I have at lunch and after school.

What are the biggest differences between West Lodge and your new school?

The biggest differences are that we have different classrooms and teachers for each subject so it was a bit tricky trying to find them on your first day, but it gets easier. The size and the amount of pupils is a lot larger than West Lodge! 

What did you learn at West Lodge that has helped you in your first weeks at secondary school?

West Lodge has helped me to stay organised and to be independent. They have helped me understand the importance of keeping on top of homework and not letting it build up.

Which of your learning powers have you used most at secondary school?

Sadie the Squirrel (cooperation) has helped me as it can help you make more friends and get along with other people.