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Wraparound Care

We have a number of options available to families including our Breakfast Club, Prep Sessions and After School Club.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is open to all children, who attend our school, and is designed for families, who need their children to get to school a little earlier.

It starts at 7.30am and runs until 8.15am.

Children have a selection of breakfast foods ranging from cereal and toast to fresh fruit and/ or yoghurt. They can also play games, complete simple art activities and/ or watch children’s breakfast TV.

Breakfast Club is run by staff employed by the School and the aim of our breakfast club is to provide a safe, secure environment before school, where children can have a decent breakfast with their friends.

Breakfast Club costs £6.50 per session attended and will be added to your termly fees a term in arrears.

Prep & After-School Club

We recognise the challenge in finding time to support your child with their homework so a Prep session is available, for Y2 – Y6 pupils, which provides an hour of teacher supervision and support, in a structured and quiet atmosphere, enabling the children to undertake their homework. This session aims at enabling the children to develop the ability to work independently but also means that homework does not need to be taken home.

The Prep Session is available Monday to Thursday between 15:30pm – 16:30pm

Children attending Prep are supported in completing their homework and are then able to go to After School Club once it is completed. Whilst not compulsory, it is generally expected that children in Years 3-6 should attend Prep before going to the After School Club. If parents do not wish for their child to attend, they are asked to inform the School Office that they would like their child to go to the After School Club instead.

The charge for Prep is £6.50 per hour.

After School Club is available to all pupils as part of our wraparound care provision, and is available from 15:30pm – 18:00pm.  Children attending After School Club will receive a light snack (such as a sandwich and fruit or beans on toast) and will enjoy a range of activities, such as art & craft activities, outside play, board games, reading, electronic games and other forms of entertainment. Early Years and Key Stage 1 children are provided with a snack in the first hour and children in Years 3-6 a snack in session 2.

The After-School club provision is a chargeable service, which is billed as an optional added extra. If parents choose to use this provision, in place of alternative childcare arrangements, the following charges will apply:

The charge for sessions 1 & 2 is £6.50 for each session and £3.25 for session 3.  

For example, a child that attends from 15:30pm – 17:45pm will be charged £16.25.

Session 1 = 15.30pm – 16:30pm

Session 2 = 16:30pm-17:30pm

Session 3 = 17:30pm-18:00pm.

Please note that if your child attends any part of a session, charges will be made for the whole of the session. 

School events - kindly note that attendance at crèche on days when school events are running (eg concerts) is chargeable.