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Year 4 Pupils

What subject do you enjoy most at West Lodge?

“Maths, because it is hard and I like a challenge”.

“Maths is my favourite, too. Sometimes we get to work in a smaller group to try out tricky challenges”.

What do you enjoy most about lunchtime?

“Playing basketball and pudding – sometimes we get jelly and ice cream!”

“I like basketball too and I like most of the foods served at lunchtime”.

What do you hope to do when you’re older.

“I’d like to be a part-time dentist, part-time You Tuber”.

“I’m not sure but want to do a job where I can use my Maths”.

What do you do if you are stuck on a piece of work?

“I estimate the answer using the knowledge I have”.

“I skip the question, do the ones I can do and then come back to the tricky question. If I’m really stuck I ask the teacher”.